Have Fun Branding Your Business

Hey Creatives

I had a thought whilst looking through our pinterest boards, I realised that the best stands and the ones that I have pinned are ones that have tapped into a unique look of their own that suits the company name and products. Branding may sound like something only really big shops do but its not, branding can be very useful especially for artist and crafters. Creating a unique look of your own for you company means it is easily recognisable and your customers can find you again, think Cath Kidston, with her floral motifs. Branding can be really fun and exciting and once created a real achievement.

So here you go, some simple and creative ways to make your own brand:

1. Do you have a logo to match with your business name, putting it on all your advertising is a great way to create your brand and really personalise your business. Having it on your stall as a picture or bunting or sign can also really personalise  your brand. If you don’t have a logo, create one by picking a font you really like and/or an image and have a play with different layouts, use google to find ideas and enjoy making your business come alive.

2. Creating tags or packaging for your items is a great way for customers to take a bit of your brand with them. Here are some great packaging ideas taken from our Pinterest board.

how to tags

Pinterest Pin
Etsy Buy
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Pinterest Pin

Plastic card bags are great to not only show off, but protect your items and can be bought from card making shops.The boxes above can be ordered from Etsy and decorated with you logo instead of carrier bags. Tags can be made from any hard material, with any colour ribbon. Creating packaging that suits your brand doesn’t have to be difficult and you can make it you and fun and that’s what makes your brand…

3. Advertising is also a great way to brand your business, having a business card that has your logo and contact details can save you so much time searching for a pen and paper and makes a real impression. They are not expensive either with companies like Vistaprint and others offering deals, they also have designs available for you to choose from and add to or if your feeling creative you can design your own and upload it. You can then find creative ways to have them on your stall like the ideas below:


Just remember it’s your business so have fun creating a look that reflects your products and you. And there is loads of inspiration to be found, for more on Pinterest check out our boards…..