Your “Shop in a Gazebo”

Hi All

With our launch into Westbury Gardens for this Months Fair, I am very excited about my own booth. We are offering outdoor spaces for £15, so you can bring your own gazebo and tables and create your own pop up shop. How exciting is that, I feel like a small child I am so excited. I have always wanted my own shop and this seems like a great and rather exciting alternative, setting up a shop for a day and for just £15 is great.

So here are some great ideas and reasons why I am looking forward to creating my very own “Shop in a Gazebo”:

1. Space – with a Gazebo you have a large box that you can use as you like from a U shape of table displays to a funky centre piece you can really express what your business is about using that space. You can also bring in larger objects to sell and create a space that is unique and yours. Check out some of the great spaces that businesses have created on our new Pinterest board, Outdoor Booth Space Ideas.

2. Creativity – Whilst looking on Pinterest for ideas to post to our new board, Outdoor Booth Space Ideas, I found some amazingly creative ideas. One was creating a backdrop (only if the gazebo is strong enough to support it of course, got to think health and safety) to give your pop up shop a completely unique feel. Also using different colour table cloths and maybe even multiple cloths to add colour and creativity to your booth. Using your creativity to think outside the box with the way you display your products can be really fun and exciting.

3. Branding – In a booth you can really push your branding using colours and textures that really show off your products. For me its blues and whites with black and white striped accents and lots of blackboards and book text. So I am getting very creative with my ideas and so can you. I read a great little blog post, and the one thing I took away was when creating your stall or booth look around your house first for things you can use on your stall before buying. I found this was great advice, I now use a gorgeous set of wooden drawers and will be sprucing up some coffee tables for my stall.

Ok well I am off to make some more stall stuff, check out all our Pinterest boards for inspiration for both your stall and potential booth, see you soon….