Building an Online Presence

Hi All

I am back fresh from my honeymoon, Thank you for all the lovely comments on Facebook.

Today I thought I would let you know some of the perks to having an online presence as an artist and some of the places that I have found and use that I think are really good both for me and my business.

Firstly having an online presence can be very beneficial for a business and it can be completely free, you don’t have to pay the earth to get yourself online. Some of the benefits include having a place for your customers to find you once they get home. Not every potential customer buys straight away, they may want time to think and having a website, Facebook Page or something close for them to check out is always a good thing. So here are a few places online that I use and why:


If you are already on Facebook with a profile, why not set up a page for your business, it is completely free and you can even ask friends to help admin for you so you don’t have to do it alone. I use Facebook to promote events and to share where I am selling and show off my new products I have made. The great thing about Facebook is that people share stuff around so lots of people get to see it, Great free advertising right!!!!


Great for short updates and sharing photos, You can follow lots of people and businesses that you are interested in and inspire you and see what they are posting. It keeps me feeling creative seeing loads of lovely work from people whose work I like.


I run all of my websites from WordPress, although I pay a small sum yearly (£18) to have a .com address you can have a completely free website with a address. It is so fun you can make pages and choose a theme and then just get typing and adding some photos. Even if you just have your business contact details it is still a way for your customers to find you. The great thing about WordPress, you can link it to Facebook and Twitter. I use my websites to show off what I do, and to act as a base for my customers to leave reviews and contact me.


This is a great website for creative people, a place where you can create online pin boards of your favourite images so you can come back to them. I use it when I am doing different projects so I can keep hold of images I have found online. The great thing is many of the images still hold their original link to the shop or website they were first displayed on so you can track down that item. You can create multiple boards and can pin loads of pictures. You also get followers who follow your boards which is great if you put your website details on your profile. You can even create a board just for your own work.

Ok so these are a few of the places I use just to advertise my business, I will in future posts go into detail on any of these if you wish me to do so. For now they are something for you to have a look at and think about, remember not all will suit you, you may find other sites that fit you better, these are just the ones that I use and find useful…

Always have fun building your business and it will show to your customers, and building your online presence is just the same…