Building an Online Presence

Hi All

I am back fresh from my honeymoon, Thank you for all the lovely comments on Facebook.

Today I thought I would let you know some of the perks to having an online presence as an artist and some of the places that I have found and use that I think are really good both for me and my business. Continue reading “Building an Online Presence”

Have Fun Branding Your Business

Hey Creatives

I had a thought whilst looking through our pinterest boards, I realised that the best stands and the ones that I have pinned are ones that have tapped into a unique look of their own that suits the company name and products. Branding may sound like something only really big shops do but its not, branding can be very useful especially for artist and crafters. Creating a unique look of your own for you company means it is easily recognisable and your customers can find you again, think Cath Kidston, with her floral motifs. Branding can be really fun and exciting and once created a real achievement. Continue reading “Have Fun Branding Your Business”