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Hello to my fellow followers. It is McCrazy. I know I said I was gonna update until after I finished the first three stories but I didn't not expect so many hits. So many incest fans. And I am one of them and prood of it.
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Namikaze's Rebirth!, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

Kushina hummed a catchy tune in her head as she was currently making breakfast. There was a reason as to why she was so happy now. She and her son tasted the forbidden fruit last night, and it was the most amazing thing she had ever done. Second to giving birth to Naruto.
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D:and I don't think he's in a talking mood, so, I don't blame him, anyway time to start! A year-old boy wearing an orange jacket with a fur collar and blue on the shoulder part of his jacket with orange pant, he has spiky blonde hair, blue eyes and three whisker marks on each of his cheeks, he is Naruto Uzumaki, and he's heading home, but he's not by himself. As a 20 year old female with red hair like her mother's but she has it long, as she has braid as the hair just covers her back, as she also has blue eyes but no whiskers marks though, as she wearing, a short jacket as it blue, with a orange shirt which it's tightly hugging her triple H cup breasts with a white skirt as her ass very massive and long thick legs, she is Naruko Uzumaki, Naruto's big hot sister with heads turning as the two are walking by people. As Naruko says "how was your mission Naruto? I know D ranks can be really annoying but I know you and your team will have a C rank soon enough" as she smiles as she doesn't notice the guys checking her out, "They sucked why can't they get the academy students to do them to get used to doing there missions and to earn a little extra money" says Naruto as Naruko answers "cause it doesn't work that way as academy students are still civilians.
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